Coach Gehrer w/ Johnny Bench, Johnny Bench Award Clinic

"Catching is the most important position on the field.  If it is your desire to improve your catching skills, Just Block It Camp led by Mike Gehrer is a must.  You will be trained in every phase of catching.  I have witnessed the immediate improvement of catchers from 8-18.  Have a fun day and improve."

                                                                                    - Johnny Bench

Camp on July 1st, 2021 has moved location due to rain.
New location is Hoover Field, 2250 N. Hoover Rd., Wichita, KS 67205
Registration still at 8:15am

est. 1985

About JBI

Coach Gehrer got started holding catchers camps in the winter of 1985. A youth coach called and said he wanted his catchers to catch like Coach Gehrer's.  Coach put on a clinic for just one team of 3-4 of his catchers.  During the camp Coach Gehrer was constantly reminding the boys, “if the balls in the dirt, Just Block It.”  Thus the name of the camp.  Thirty years later JBI is providing quality instruction for campers of all ages in both baseball and softball.  We are extremely proud of the fact that many of our campers have gone on to become great high school catchers, college catchers and even pro players.  We are very proud of the fact that eight of our former campers have gone on to catch for the Wichita State Shockers.  One of our former coaches Doug Mirabelli went on to catch for the San Francisco Giants and the Boston Redsox. It is our goal to have a camper catch for every school that we hold a clinic at.  In 2000 we helped start the Johnny Bench National Collegiate Catcher of the Year Award along with The Greater Wichita Sports Commission.  Each year Johnny Bench and the three finalist and our staff hold a catcher’s clinic in Wichita that attracts 100+ campers. Yes, Buster Posey, Kurt Suzuki, Matt Wieters, Yasmani Grandal, and a host of others have all been camp instructors while in Wichita.  Johnny Bench is our keynote speaker and instructor each year at the June camp in Wichita.

What We Do

Our camps are instructional in format.  We cover all the skills necessary to be a good catcher at all levels from little league, high school to the collegiate level.  These skill camps are provided in a positive step by step approach.  We strive to teach the right fundamentals which if practiced routinely will make playing the position of catcher a very rewarding experience.  Our Slogan is “Proper preparation leads to success”.  We not only work on the physical skills needed to play the position but also the mental makeup and preparation necessary to be the quarterback of the baseball/softball team.

What Campers Take With Them

Each camper, parent, and their coaches will leave with a working knowledge of how to drill the skills needed to be a successful catcher.  We encourage parents and coaches to attend and learn with their campers.  You may video drills if you wish.  It’s not just what campers do while they are at camp that will make them better, but what campers do on a routine basis on their own.  Each camper receives a camp t-shirt and tons of confidence to go play the position with pride and passion.

Camp Format

Youth campers age 8-12 receive 6 hours of instruction over two days.  We start with stance and build from there.  We will cover stances, receiving, blocking, throwing mechanics, throwing to all bases, plays at the plate, bunt plays, pop flies, and how to lead the team.


High school campers age 13-HS will receive 8 hours of instruction and evaluation over the two days. In addition to the fundamental instructional review, this camp includes a showcase environment.  College coaches will be present at camps on college campuses, working and evaluating campers as the camp progresses.  We will cover stances, receiving, blocking, proper throwing mechanics, throwing to all bases,plays at the plate, bunt plays, pop flies, and wild pitch recovery.  The high school campers will be evaluated on their receiving and throwing skills.  We will get a pop time on each camper and radar their throws. This information is available to each camper for use, at their discretion during the recruiting process.


JBI Staff


  • Founder: Mike Gehrer, High School coach and Camp Director for 30 plus years

  • Lead Instructor: Craig Mayes, Michigan State University catcher, 9 years in San Francisco Giants organization, 15 years with JBI

  • Camp Director: Joe Gehrer, High School coach, 20 years with JBI

  • Camp Staffs are comprised of former and current college and professional players and coaches as well as area high school coaches

We try to maintain a 6:1 player to coach ratio at all our camps

Age Groups

Camps are broken into two age groups to teach age appropriate mechanics and drills.

  • Youth camp is age 8 - 12

  • High School camp is age 13 - HS

JBI Training at Each Camp

  • Stances

  • Receiving

  • Blocking

  • Throwing Mechanics

  • Plays at the Plate

  • Bunt Plays

  • Pop Ups

  • Wild Pitch Recovery

Drills and skills presented in camp if practiced routinely will improve your catcher's game.

Tentative Game Plan

Each day is broken down into different groups of instruction.​  Camp check-in is 30 minutes prior to the first day of camp.

  • Day 1

    • Stances, Receiving, Blocking & Pop Ups​​​

  • Day 2

    • Throwing, Bunt Plays, Plays at the Plate & ​Review


Any necessary communication regarding camp will be by email please make sure you've received your registration confirmation. 

What to bring to Camp

Show up to camp as if you're playing a game

  • Campers Bring

    • Appropriate clothing including ball pants, have sleeves available as it can be cool even chilly in some of the indoor facilities, jacket as we like to go outside weather permitting for some pop-ups.

    • Complete set of Catcher's gear including protective cup & glove

    • Molded cleats or tennis shoes

    • Water & snacks 

  • Parents Bring

    • Chairs - many of the facilities have plenty of space for parents to watch camp but do not provide seating​

    • Drinks and snacks

    • Jackets

    • Parents & Coaches are encouraged to be involved in camp to observe, record, photo and learn the fundamentals and drills being taught to be able to take the lessons learned home to help practice throughout your catcher's career.

Breaks and Hydration

Many breaks will be given throughout the camp.​

  • Cold water and snack are provided at each camp

    • Campers are encouraged to bring their own drinks and snacks as well

  • ​Camps held in 2 sessions on the same day will include a one hour lunch break.  Campers will be responsible for their own sack lunch